SimGas offers a range of biogas digesters and appliances suitable for different situations and requirements, from households to small enterprises and institutions like schools. The digesters are developed and designed by SimGas BV in the Netherlands in close collaboration with Silafrica (known for SIMTANK, Simba Plastics) and other local partners.

We distinguish Kitchen waste and Farm waste systems. Both systems convert organic waste into biogas, but there are some important differences.

  • Kitchen waste systems (GesiSafi) are designed for households and small enterprises and digest organic kitchen waste and food leftovers. 
  • Farm waste systems (GesiShamba) are designed for livestock farmers such as cattle holders. These systems are modular and expandable and are fed with manure, kitchen waste and agricultural waste. 
  • Check the choose the right product tool to find out the best solution for you!

All SimGas biogas systems are sold including a biogas stove, installation materials, user training, delivery & installation, after sales service, and a two year guarantee.