Installation Service

After signing the sales contract and arranging the payment, SimGas installs the system at your premises. This whole process is included in the price of the biogas system. 

You can expect the following to happen after the order is placed.

  1. The SimGas installation team will make an appointment for installation. They will also provide instructions for preparation. For the kitchen waste system, you have to make sure that there is a flat space outside, near to the kitchen.
  2. On the agreed date, the SimGas technician delivers the biogas system to your home.
  3. When necessary the technician levels the area to install the tank.
  4. The tank is assembled and piping put in place.
  5. The SimGas technician will fill the tank with water and start-up slurry; this contains nutrients and bacteria (these bacteria make the biogas from your waste).
  6. The SimGas quality officer will visit you and train the users on how they have to feed the system, when the gas production starts and how to handle the slurry as a fertilizer.
  7. Each biogas system has its own feeding regime, depending on the size; the technician will explain how you get the most gas out of your system.