About Us

SimGas Tanzania Ltd. is a Joint Venture between SimGas BV in the Netherlands and Silafrica Tanzania Ltd. The SimGas mission is simple: "Empower and deliver affordable small-scale biogas and bio-sanitation systems to customers." A marriage of innovative design and superior quality plastic, SimGas offers households the tools to take their future into their own hands and improve their lives and income position. With our products, an entire family’s lifestyle can be improved.

Our products are being manufactured with the same superior craftsmanship and quality that made SIMTANK the most trusted brand by Tanzanians for safe, clean water storage. Our Technical team provides free delivery, installation and after-sales service to customers, in addition to detailed user-training.

SimGas Tanzania revolutionizes how families cook by making biogas an affordable and accessible energy alternative. No longer will families be forced to burn wood or coal fires indoors, nor spend precious time and money on fuel. By recycling waste that any household naturally produces, a SimGas system pays for itself in a short time, making an entire family healthier and more prosperous.


Are you looking for work and do you think you have what it takes to join the SimGas team?

Then please contact our Business Developement Manager Tayeb.