Why SimGas Biogas?

We provide households with innovative and affordable small-scale biogas systems. And with both custom sizing and tailor-made financial arrangements, we’re sure to have a system that meets your needs.

SimGas offers improved versions of the conventional biogas systems that are already known and used in Tanzania and other East African countries. Compared to brick and concrete systems, the SimGas biogas systems are less expensive and every bit as reliable and durable. Our products are also much easier and faster to install, cheaper to transport, and removable for re-use at another location. Because our system is removable, it can serve as collateral for a micro-finance loan.

SimGas’s innovative household biogas technology and business concept have been developed in the Netherlands by SimGas BV. SimGas BV specializes in the design and development of affordable, mass-producible biogas and biosanitation systems.

Our rural biogas system converts animal manure and organic waste into biogas and organic fertilizer. The system is modular and can be expanded or contracted to meet your changing needs. Our urban biogas system is designed to process organic household waste such as kitchen waste, thereby improving domestic sanitation reducing the cost of cooking fuels.

SimGas Tanzania Ltd. is a joint venture between founding partner SimGas BV and Silafrica Tanzania Ltd., the leading plastics producer in East Africa. Silafrica has extensive experience in plastics production. They are makers of the SIMTANK, Speedo Pen, and the bottling crates for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Serengeti Breweries. SimGas biogas systems are manufactured in cooperation with Silafrica at our production facilities in Dar es Salaam.

SimGas Tanzania is supported by a number of major businesses and farmer support organizations, including CRDB, NMB, HEIFER and Tanga Fresh Ltd. SimGas also has the support of the Tanzanian government, the Tanzania Domestic Biogas Program (TDBP) and the EU European Development Fund (EDF). A comprehensive list of our partners is available on our partners page.

What are the advantages of SimGas biogas systems?

  • Affordable price: The cost of buying and installing a biogas system is dramatically reduced, making biogas an affordable option for both urban and rural households in subtropical regions. Currently, brick and concrete biogas systems are expensive; due to the high costs of building materials, transport, and project management. With the SimGas system, the total cost of household biogas is reduced by half.
  • Tailor-made financial arrangements: SimGas offers financial arrangements that are aligned with the clients’ unique financial situations, utilising a combination of a cash down payment and monthly payment installments. A financial arrangement will last for a maximum of three years.
  • Collateral: The traditional location-fixed biogas systems cannot serve as collateral. SimGas systems can be removed and sold second-hand, reducing risks for creditors.
  • Gold Standard Carbon Credits (CDM): SimGas has partnered with Carbon Emission Rights (CER) traders to accredit our biogas implementation programme with Gold Standard CERs. The revenue from these CERs will be used to offer customers a discount on biogas systems.
  • Transportable: Thanks to our ready-to-assembly packaging technique, logistic costs are minimised and transportation in countries with limited infrastructure is made possible.
  • Custom sizing: The SimGas rural biogas system is designed to be modular and expandable. Rural systems range from 2 to 16 m3. System expansion (or contraction) may take place after initial installation. The SimGas urban biogas system is available in three sizes to meet the diverse needs of urban users.