Save Money with Biogas

Every SimGas system is installed at your home by a team of technicians. Our off-the-shelf biogas digesters come ready to use, and include a biogas stove, installation materials, and tips and tricks. There are no extra costs. You start saving money the very first day that you cook on biogas!

A biogas system requires you to make an investment. But once the system has been bought (either by paying the amount in-full or by making a down payment and paying periodic installments) there are no extra costs. You make use of your organic waste and livestock manure, and get your cooking gas for free!

Here are two examples to explain how you can save money with biogas:

  • Example 1:
    Mariam lives with her husband Athumani and children in Kawe. She has bought a Gesi550 for 550,000 Tsh. The system produces gas for more than one hour of cooking every day. Before, she had to light her charcoal stove to boil water for tea and to cook breakfast. Since she uses biogas, she converts the waste from the kitchen and food leftovers and saves 1200 shilling on charcoal per day.
  • Example 2:
    Juma and his wife Suzanna live near Tanga, they have three cows and sell the milk to the dairy cooperative in town. They put the manure of their cows and some organic waste in their biodigester and produce sufficient gas to replace all of their charcoal and firewood usage. This saves them 2000 shilling per day. They pay the system through the dairy cooperative who deducts the monthly installments from the milk income.  After one year, Juma and Suzanna have paid their system and now earn income through their organic fertiliser.