Why Biogas?

Change your life with biogas!

Would you like to:

  1. Lower your fuel expenses?
  2. Cook easily and quickly?
  3. Have a clean, modern kitchen without smoke and soot?
  4. Reduce your household waste?
  5. Produce your own organic fertilizer?
  6. Save the environment and fight deforestation?

All of this is possible with a SimGas household biogas system!

1. Save money:
With biogas, you can reduce your cooking fuel expenses by as much as 80%! A biogas system converts your organic household waste or manure into cooking fuel. Biogas replaces firewood, charcoal and kerosene.

2. Cook easily and quickly:
Cooking on biogas is faster and easier than cooking on charcoal or firewood. Biogas stoves do not take time to heat up, so as soon as you’ve turned on the stove you can start cooking!

3. Improve your home:
Biogas is a modern source of energy for cooking and lighting. It is quick, easy and clean. Cooking on gas keeps your kitchen clean and tidy, and protects your family from the dangers of indoor air pollution.

4. Reduce your household waste:
Biogas systems convert organic household waste or manure into gas for cooking and lighting. This waste can be leftovers (rice, ugali), vegetables (tomatoes, cabbage), peels of potatoes and fruit, etcetera. Instead of throwing this away or leaving them (which will attract insects and pests), you can use it to produce energy! Biogas helps you to manage your waste and contributes to improved hygiene.

5. Produce you own organic fertilizer:
The biogas-slurry that comes out of biogas systems is rich in nutrients and can be applied directly to plants and vegetables to help them grow. Biogas-slurry replaces chemical fertilizers. This saves money and is better for the environment. 

6. Help the environment:
On average, each family that uses biogas reduces their use of firewood and charcoal by more than 60%. The use of biogas slows down deforestation and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Biogas has a positive influence on both climate change and the environment.