Make Your Own Fertilizer

Biogas systems produce a nutrient-rich fertilizer, called “biogas-slurry”. Biogas-slurry is a safe, organic, liquid fertilizer that can be applied to crops, flowers, and trees.

Biogas-slurry increases agricultural productivity and long-term soil fertility. It is estimated that using slurry on your land can boost crop yields by as much as 25% when compared to the application of manure directly to fields. And the slurry form your digester is free, so you save the money that would otherwise be spent on chemical fertilizers. Unlike chemical fertilizers, biogas-slurry is organic and does not have negative environmental effects. The best part is, you can make it yourself!

Slurry can be collected at the outlet of your SimGas biogas digester using a bucket and applied directly to your plants. If you do not already grow flowers or crops such as maize, amaranth, and cassava, you may consider doing so after you purchase a SimGas biogas system.